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Discover what your calls say about your customer journey. And how to fix it, guaranteed.

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Your Return on Investment Tracked to the Penny

Eliminate that burning question in every marketers mind. Is my marketing effective?
Categorize Calls

Categorize calls as they come in, automatically. Knowing your audience before the phone rings will change how you do business forever.

Transcribe Leads

Save time by searching call transcripts. Never again will you have to listen to hours of time consuming sales calls to discover your ROI.

Measure Conversions

Know which phone campaign is performing in real time. Take the guess work out of your marketing efforts and increase your ROI.

Calculate ROI

Return on investment is the most important metric for any marketer. We update your campaigns in real time to alleviate concerns on where your money is being invested.

Find Missed Opportunities

Find and identify missed opportunities automatically to propel your business investments into the green. Never miss a sale again.

CRM Integration

Conjoin the ROI Matrix with your customer relationship management software for complete marketing automation.

Trackable Numbers

We provide a unique trackable phone number for each of your campaigns. Know who’s calling before picking up the receiver.

SMS Reminders

Automatically send SMS reminders to clients before an appointment, decreasing last minute cancellations and boosting sales instantly.

Automatic Follow Up

Automatically distribute marketing materials when a lead doesn’t schedule an appointment. Never let a potential client slip through unnoticed again.


The ROI Matrix is exactly what every business needs. No one, and I mean no one, does a better job of helping you track your ROI and find the results that actually matter to your business.

Nick NantonThe Celebrity Lawyer

Richard Seppala and The ROI Matrix has found an easy-for-me-to-use fix, for my most difficult productivity problem—to make sure my marketing is working…and working well.

Ginger Bratzel DDSSmall Town Dentist Success Systems

We have been using The ROI Matrix now for almost a year and have found it to be a very useful tool to help manage our marketing, evaluate, and control our marketing ventures.

Dr. Vesna Sutter

The ROI Matrix allows us to track leads without factoring human error and interpretation making it accurate. Our main focus initially was with our direct mail campaigns.

Bob WerdanV.P. of Sales and Marketing

Before The ROI Matrix we were solely relying on our sales staff to sort through calls to calculate ROI. Since we have implemented this brilliant software, our sales staff can focus on selling, instead of calculating who to call next.

John Scott WilliamsVP of Marketing

We use 7 different phone lines to rotate my marketing pieces. When someone calls in, we know right away which ad they called from before we even answer the phone.

Dr. Keith Kelley

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