Ways to Maximize Your Sales Conversions Rate

By September 3, 2016 No Comments

Lost Leads = Lost Revenue

Ironically, businesses often have difficulty dealing with calls from prospects. What seems to be a simple task – selling to a lead already interested in buying from you – goes wrong roughly 80% of the time! There are two important ways to maximize your sales conversions rate:

Create an Automated Response System

By having a customized voice message responding to specific campaigns, you can tailor your message to the caller’s needs. Including a “Call to Action” – a free offer or discount that motivates the lead to leave contact info – ensures you’ll be able to do follow-up marketing.

Train Your Personal

The person taking these calls represents your business to prospects – isn’t it smart to make sure they know how to maximize sales conversions? Give them the sales training they need – to help your business grow!

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